Since she was 5 years old, Ayme Austin has been insane for anything related to skin, hair and or makeup..She would make homemade facial masks and apply them to anyone that was around the house!


In 1990, she moved to Denver from New Orleans, and worked for Ilse' in Cherry Creek ,who declared she had “the gift” and hired her over forty other more experienced and licensed candidates. After a 3 year apprenticeship, Ayme worked as a regional make up trainer at Glamour Shots and moved into Beauty Rep Sales at Peels Supply company.  Starting her Skincare career at the Oxford Hotel and Spa, Ayme began gaining loyal clients and went on to open her own spa. In 2005, Ruby Fox Skincare was born in the trendy Highlands neighborhood. Ayme always has the goal of providing a relaxed environment that delivers results. "It's where medical meets magic"


In 2010, Ayme, developed and  launched Ruby Glo Skincare for clients who wanted to maintain or recapture their youthful glow. This line is amazing and is getting rave reviews from clients near and far.


Ayme stays current on the latest Industry trends and techniques by attending seminars, classes and certifications many times a year.


In her free time, Ayme spends time on the family’s 500-acre ranch outside Steamboat with her husband Mike and their 3 furry children. She also acts at the Adams Mystery Playhouse, hikes and dances like nobody’s watching.




Ayme’s mission is to not only provide clients with great services, but to educate you towards a glowing, happy and healthy lifestyle delivered with a warm smile and a genuine laugh!